MRT Adventures

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Hi guys! Sumasakay din ba kayo sa MRT? Do you spend at least 20 minutes or more travelling via MRT? Well, ako UU! And this time, Im going to tell you guys the adventures on my everyday travel with Metro Rail Transit. Let me give you a brief background regarding MRT MRT 3, Metrostar Express or Metrostar,is part of the metropolitan rail system in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines. But what the heck! Im not suppose to tell the entire details, beats the purpose of google for you. Hehehe. Moving forward, everyday I encounter different people, some with funny scenarios and sometimes disgusting events. In the following days, I will tell you all about it. For starters, I’ll share with you people the funny MRT scene that took place yesterday August 20th. Jose (Officemate) and I took the MRT ride after office duty. “Lagi kaming nagmamadali na makakuha ng bakanteng ride sa Ayala Station”. And luckily we found enough space on the 3rd cable of the train. “Buti naman at walang masyadong babae sa train na yun, kaya hindi dyahe ang makipag gitgitan(I’ll tell you more about the women on MRT next time). And what would we expect, “Nakatayo nanaman kami kasi siksikan” While Jose and I are making our way into the middle part of the cable, an old man (who’s texting) was accidentally bumped by Jose. “At ang nakakatawa, Siniko si Jose” I thought the old man gave Jose a simple nudge, but it appears to be a painful elbow hit to Jose. “Buti na lang nakapag pigil si Jose”. Further retaliation might cause a ruckus on that cable car. “Nagsorry si Jose” and kept his cool and we continued our conversation and remained standing. While heading towards the next station I told Jose to move so I can get a better position. And again Jose made a little body contant with the old man. Jose’s back touched the old mans shoulder, then BOOM! Another hit on Jose LOL! Jose told me about Venus Fly Trap. A carnivorous plant that catches and digests animal prey—mostly insects and arachnids (Thanks WIKI). That made me think, the old man is like a Venus Fly Trap who snaps and hit prey. Im not saying old guy is hitting on Jose, hell no. LOL. And the naughty Jose, pushed me a bit which made my back touch the old man, and Voila! same thing happened to me. The old man shove me! WTF.”Pero naisip ko lang, napaka Territorial naman nya” If you dont want anybody to invade your private space, might as well, tell them to move out in a nice and respectful way. There are books about Territorial behaviors, and people will try to find security in every aspect of life, whether that be emotional, financial, and alot of stuff. People will fight for this security specially if their personal space is being invaded. “Sa pagsakay natin sa MRT o sa Bus o kahit anong pang publikong sasakyan, isipin din natin naaaaaring nakakasakit tayo kapag ipinaglalaban ang personal space natin”.”Ang pagtulak, ang pagapak sa paa at pagsagi ng siko ay natural na sa MRT”.”At karamihan naman nito ay hindi sinasadya o di kaya’y naganap dahil lamang sa pagkakataon”.”Minsan nga ay nangyayari pa suntukan dahil lamang sa hindi pag bibigayan”. We need to keep in mind, that we are in a public utility, therefore we should share our space with everyone paying for that public space. “Eto nakakatawa, bago bumababa si Jose, dinaanan nya ulit si Manong” And this time, Jose gave the man a taste of his own medicine. LOL! BAD JOSE! wahahah Jose gave the man a bump and and said in a loud voice “EXCUSE ME! Makikiraan lang po”. The old man gazed at Jose with a meaningful look and  Jose just gave him a funny grin!

Manong Venus Fly Trap!


Wow first time!

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This is the first time, and man this feels good. Finally I can express what I’m dying to tell the world and this time it will be thru the web. It will be more like “HEY WORLD!”. I’ll be more than happy to share my ups and downs, places to go to, people to be with and more importantly I will be able to inform you guys of what is going on within this crazy head of mine. LOL. Dont worry, in this funfilled journey, I’ll let you steer the wheel and together we will explore this wonderful life 🙂